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Why our Flight Program?

Flight training through a Part 61 is a self-paced program meeting requirements for certification for pilots, flight instructors and ground instructors. It regulates several types of licenses as to who is eligible, and it establishes the aeronautical knowledge requirements and flight time requirements.

All About Aviation

Our flight training program is here to help start your aviation pathway or advance to the next level.

Our Fleet

2005 Cessna 172SP - G1000 Garmin

FAA Wings Proficiency Program

Flight students and flight members join to engage in safety courses

Ground School

Engaging, interactive ground school prepares you for a successful flight lesson

Private Pilot

Instrument Rating

Commercial Rating

Certified Flight Instructor

Course Offerings

Start your training or add a rating at Pier Aviation, Jefferson County Airport.

Private Pilot Program

FAA Part 61 course outline

Each student is given their own custom training and class schedule to enhance their flight experience and goal to achieve their private pilot license.

Instrument Rating

FAA Part 61.65 course outline

We strive to reach the next level of safety and efficiency through our Instrument Rating course. We add flight simulators and interactive ground school to implement a higher level of comprehend when it deals with instrument.

Commercial Rating

FAA Part 61.129 course outline

"If you want to be paid to fly in any capacity, a commercial pilot certificate is required. Training for the certificate takes a pilot back to the basics of airmanship, and away from the rigors of instrument training."-AOPA statement

Certified Flight Instructor

FAA Course curriculum

Dream to teach and give back... starts here...


FAA Part 107

Coursework is developed based on individual or group needs to take the UAS 107 Remote UAS Commercial license.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone needs to ask the tough questions before you start in order to end with success.

  • How much will my Private Pilot cose?

    First, you need to realize that flying like anything takes time. You have to be committed until the end. Next, aa game plan to see if this is what you really want to do.

  • No, you need your UAS Remote Commercial License. The course is educational and keep you legal after passing the test!

  • We have a Cesssna - C172SP. Our airplane is serviced based on the FAA requirements and our mechanic is right on the field.

  • Part 61 schools are self driven. You cannot be lazy. Each flight student has a course plan and as the instructors, we work to helping you achieve your goal.


Jefferson County Airport is located near Akron/Canton, OH, Pittsburgh, PA and Wheeling, WV.
Our airport is an excellent place to start or continue your aviation goals.